Volume 525

Pages 1-220 (July 2020)

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  1. Editorial Board

    Page ii
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  2. True scores for tartarus with adaptive GAs that evolve FSMs on GPU

    Pages 1-15
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  3. STMAG: A spatial-temporal mixed attention graph-based convolution model for multi-data flow safety prediction

    Pages 16-36
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  4. Comparative study of interval Type-2 and general Type-2 fuzzy systems in medical diagnosis

    Pages 37-53
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  5. Asymptotic resolution bounds of generalized modularity and multi-scale community detection

    Pages 54-66
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  6. Privacy-preserving mixed set operations

    Pages 67-81
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  7. Time sensitivity-based popularity prediction for online promotion on Twitter

    Pages 82-92
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  8. Three-layer medical image fusion with tensor-based features

    Pages 93-108
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  9. Can burrows-Wheeler transform be replaced in chain code compression?

    Pages 109-118
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  10. Dynamic event-triggered actuator fault estimation and accommodation for dynamical systems

    Pages 119-133
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  11. Modeling of an ultra-supercritical boiler-turbine system with stacked denoising auto-encoder and long short-term memory network

    Pages 134-152
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  12. Online reliable semi-supervised learning on evolving data streams

    Pages 153-171
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  13. Ontology-based enriched concept graphs for medical document classification

    Pages 172-181
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  14. Multi-view ensemble learning based on distance-to-model and adaptive clustering for imbalanced credit risk assessment in P2P lending

    Pages 182-204
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  15. A multimodal generative and fusion framework for recognizing faculty homepages

    Pages 205-220
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ISSN: 0020-0255