Volume 224, Issue 10

October 2020

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 106420
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  2. The Waldschmidt constant of special k-configurations in Pn

    Article 106341
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  3. Brown's criterion and classifying spaces for families

    Article 106377
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  4. Tensor topology

    Article 106378
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  5. Codensity: Isbell duality, pro-objects, compactness and accessibility

    Article 106379
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  6. Facets of congruence distributivity in Goursat categories

    Article 106380
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  7. M-coextensive objects and the strict refinement property

    Article 106381
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  8. Norm coherence for descent of level structures on formal deformations

    Article 106382
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  9. Remarks on projective normality for certain Calabi–Yau and hyperk?hler varieties

    Article 106383
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  10. On the Prym map for cyclic covers of genus two curves

    Article 106384
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  11. Pure resolutions, linear codes, and Betti numbers

    Article 106385
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  12. A prime-characteristic analogue of a theorem of Hartshorne-Polini

    Article 106386
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  13. Generators of Koszul homology with coefficients in a J-closed module

    Article 106387
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  14. Quantum Borcherds-Bozec algebras and their integrable representations

    Article 106388
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  15. Projective normality of torus quotients of flag varieties

    Article 106389
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  16. Loewy lengths of centers of blocks and exponents of defect groups

    Article 106390
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  17. Restriction and extension of partial actions

    Article 106391
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  18. Crossed products of Calabi-Yau algebras by finite groups

    Article 106394
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  19. The abelian closure of an exact category

    Article 106395
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  20. Third kind elliptic integrals and 1-motives

    Article 106396
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  21. Matlis category equivalences for a ring epimorphism

    Article 106398
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  22. Corrigendum to “On prolongations of valuations to the composite field” [J. Pure Appl. Algebra 224 (2020) 551–558]

    Article 106397
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ISSN: 0022-4049