Volume 128

June 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 170324
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  1. Research Article

    1. Assessments of plasma acyl-ghrelin levels in Parkinson’s disease patients treated with deep brain stimulation

      Article 170299
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    2. Changes in corticotropin releasing factor system transcript levels in relation to feeding condition in Acipenser dabryanus

      Article 170309
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    3. Oral oxytocin delivery with proton pump inhibitor pretreatment decreases food intake

      Article 170312
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    4. Opioid Peptides and Their Receptors in Chickens: Structure, Functionality, and Tissue Distribution

      Article 170307
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  2. Review Article

    1. NUCB2/nesfatin-1 – Inhibitory effects on food intake, body weight and metabolism

      Article 170308
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    2. What can we learn about functional importance of human antimicrobial peptide LL-37 in the oral environment from severe congenital neutropenia (Kostmann disease)?

      Article 170311
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ISSN: 0196-9781