Volume 65

June 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 100885
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  1. Review Articles

    1. Evaluating school inspection effectiveness: A systematic research synthesis on 30 years of international research

      Article 100864
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  2. Regular Articles

    1. Reduced performance on examinations following untimed short assessments

      Article 100835
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    2. Applying Q methodology to teacher evaluation research

      Article 100844
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    3. Hong Kong primary students’ self-regulated writing strategy use: Influences of gender, writing proficiency, and grade level

      Article 100839
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    4. Validity inquiry process: Practical guidance for examining performance assessments and building a validity argument

      Article 100843
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    5. Measuring mathematics competence in international and national large scale assessments: Linking PISA and the national educational panel study in Germany

      Article 100847
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    6. The impact of interventions to prevent truancy: A review of the research literature

      Article 100840
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    7. A multilevel examination of an instrument measuring school renewal via teachers

      Article 100850
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    8. Assessing perceptions of resources and inclusive teaching practices: A cross-country study between German and Saudi students in inclusive schools

      Article 100849
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    9. Feeding back research results – Changes in principal and teacher narratives about student participation

      Article 100848
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    10. Fair student assessment: A phenomenographic study on teachers’ conceptions

      Article 100860
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    11. The impact of time while boarding on students’ academic achievement and social emotional competence: A propensity score matching analysis

      Article 100851
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    12. Clarificative evaluation of elementary level grammar program of a tertiary level preparatory class in Turkey

      Article 100862
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    13. The structure of teaching practices across countries: A combination of factor analysis and network analysis

      Article 100861
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    14. Exposure to crime and academic achievement: A case study for Costa Rica using PISA data

      Article 100867
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    15. Modelling environmental literacy with environmental knowledge, values and (reported) behaviour

      Article 100863
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    16. Young learners’ reading and writing performance: Exploring collaborative modeling of text structure as an additional component of self-regulated strategy development

      Article 100870
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    17. Promoting professional growth in new teacher evaluation systems: Practitioners’ lived experiences in changing policy contexts

      Article 100873
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    18. Perfectionism and foreign language achievement: The mediating role of emotions and achievement goals

      Article 100874
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ISSN: 0191-491X